Monday, August 22, 2011

Fanny's House of Music's Website Has A New Look

The Nashville Ukulele Society's sponsors, Fanny's House of Music have recently updated the look of their website. Check them out on the web and also check them out in person - they have ukuleles, guitars, strings, picks and straps, vintage clothes, local hand-made items and unique musical themed art. And once per month they let the Nashukes come in and take over half of their shop for a little ukulele infused fun.

Songs in the key of Barry Manilow

It was suggested at our last Nashukes meeting that the theme for September's meeting be songs by (or made famous by) Barry Manilow. This would include any of the numerous commercial jingles he wrote as well. It should be an interesting jam session.

Monday, August 15, 2011


At tonight's Nashukes meeting Greg Davis showed off his new tattoo - Kokolele! Greg is clearly dedicated to the ukulele, let's hope that his love of the uke never wears off because that tattoo certainly never will.
Another interesting thing about Greg is that he drives all the way from South Carolina just to attend these Nashukes meetings and we sure do appreciate that kind of ukulele spirit.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Next Nashukes meeting/Uke jam 8-15-11

It's HOT out there so get yourself inside at Fanny's House of Music for another uke jam with The Nashville Ukulele Society. The theme this month will be songs in the key of Hot. Anything to do with or even remotely related to heat, being hot, or places that are hot. And in honor of this month's Tomato Fest any songs about the mighty tomato are welcome as well. Whatever songs you bring please bring a few printed copies to share and a music stand if you think you'll need one.
See you there.