Thursday, August 28, 2014

Here's a great ukulele version of In The Mood. I think this would be a great one for the Nashukes to work on as a group.

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

August Nashukes Meeting

The next Nashukes Meeting/Uke Circle/Uke Jam will be on Monday August 18th at Harding Academy  from 6 - 7:30pm. This is the same location where we met in July. The address is:

170 Windsor Dr., Nashville, Tn

It's near the corner of Harding Rd. and Hwy 70.
Enter the campus from Harding Road and drive around to the back. When you see the middle school entrance, park in the right hand lane and come in the double doors to the Art Center that are right in the middle of the courtyard.

I'm not aware of any particular theme for this month's meeting - perhaps MC Tim Davies has something in mind. Check back here for more info about this month's meeting.


Montreal Uke Fest 2014

Hey Nashukers - the Montreal Uke Fest is coming up later this month. Is anyone planning to attend? It's only an 18 hour drive or a short flight away. Buy a ticket and win some cool stuff.

Ukulele Workshops will be given by:
Daniel Ate The Sandwich
James Hill
Aaron Akeim
Manitoba Hal

There will be concerts, strum alongs and a raffle to win a ukulele.
You can find out more about it at:

Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Nashville Ukulele Society Is Still Alive & Kicking!

Hello fellow Nashukers.
The Nashville Ukulele Society is still alive and kicking!
It has been an incredibly long time since I have posted anything on this blog and now it's time to dust off the blog and start the ukulele engine back up and get this thing chugging down the internet highway again.
There have been a few changes since the last post. First of all, we are no longer meeting at Fanny's House of Music. Our numbers have grown to the point that we were very cramped in the small space that Fanny's graciously provided for us. At the moment we do not have a permanent meeting place. For June we met at World Music in Bellevue and in July and August we will be meeting at Harding Academy in the school's band rehearsal room (we met there once before and it was a great space for a uke circle). Once a permanent home is located that information will be posted here and to our Facebook page. Yes, we are on Facebook. That's another of our changes - follow us there and join in on the discussions: Nashukes Facebook
The Facebook group now has 96 members so if you haven't joined the group yet please visit the page and join in on the ukulele discussions. 
Another change since the last post is that the administrative duties of The Nashukes is now being shared between Tim Davies, Debbie Haight and myself (Andy Hudson). In addition, Tim Davies has taken on the roll of the new Master of Ceremonies for the Nashukes meet-ups and Debbie Haight is our official traveling ukulele corespondent. She has been hitting all of the major ukulele festivals and skill building camps and reporting back on Facebook and at the Nashukes meetings. Thank you Tim and Debbie!
The next Nashukes meeting is July 21st. Put it in your calendar and check back here and on the Facebook page for updates.

Monday, January 21, 2013

No Nashukes for January

There will be no Nashukes this month. Today is a holiday - Happy MLK Day!! We will reconvene on February 18th when the theme will be songs in the key of Love.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

No Uke Jam for December

Well dang. I forgot to post anything about the November meeting on here. In case you were wondering (does anyone actually read this blog?), it was Christmas themed. This is because we don't have a uke jam/meeting in December. Normally there would be a Christmas party in December but not this year. Even though the party is a lot of fun it's also a lot of work and costs a bit of money to put it on every year. We are tightening the belt around our house this year so the party is off. See you in January.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Uke Jam Tonight - Halloween is the Theme

It's time for the monthly uke jam gathering at Fanny's House of Music. The theme is Halloween so please bring a couple of songs that are in keeping with the upcoming holiday. This doesn't mean that the songs have to be about Halloween - it could be a song that mentions something that makes you think of ghosts, ghouls and such things.
See you tonight.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

"Miami" Ukulele Hughes Uke

 I will sometimes take a walk through the Gas Lamp Antiques Mall on my lunch break. I always have an eye out for ukuleles and, unfortunately, don't see them there very often. Today I stumbled onto this neat item; a 1920's soprano ukulele made by the Stadlemair company under their "Miami" line of ukuleles. I asked to have a look at it and, although I didn't have the nerve to tune it all the way up (it has simple wooden friction peg tuners) I got it into a lower "my dog has fleas" tuning and got a decent Ain't She Sweet out of it. It had a nice loud tone. Some new strings and I think it will sound great.

This line of ukulele was endorsed by Ukulele Hughes, a contemporary of Ukulele Ike. (Notice the adorable spelling of ukulele on the tag.

I'm not sure what the Werner's sticker on the head stock is about. Perhaps it's a music store. Nothing turned up in a quick Google search. (nothing ukulele-related, anyway.)

I think the lady was asking around $250 for it but willing to entertain offers. Tempted as I am, I had to leave it behind, so this could be a real deal for somebody.