Sunday, December 17, 2006

Oh, Christmas don't be late!

Hi everyone. Sorry I was unable to make the Christmas party. But I did want to share this little treat. Enjoy!

The Chipmunk Song
Ross Bagdasarian

Chords used:
[C] [C7] [G7] [Dm] [Dm7] [F] [Fm] [D9]

[C] Christmas, Christmas [G7] time is near,
Time for toys and [C] time for cheer.
[Dm] We’ve been [G7] good, but [Dm7] we can’t [G7] last.
[Dm7] Hurry [G7] Christmas, [C] hurry fast.
Want a plane that loops the loop.
Me, I want a [F] hula hoop!

We can [Fm] hardly [C] stand the [D9] wait.
Please [Dm7] Christmas [G7] don’t be [C] late.

(Repeat first 16 bars instrumental only – up until “hurry fast”)

[C] Want a plane that loops the loop.
I still want a [F] hula hoop!

We can [Fm] hardly [C] stand the [D9] wait.
Please [Dm7] Christmas [G7] don’t be [C] late.

P.S. Here is a link where you can hear the original recording:

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Cigar Box Ukulele Kit

I have a MySpace page; mostly just so I can comment on my friend's MySpace pages. (we're all too old for it--am I the only one that sees this?) I get a lot of junky messages and "Friend Requests" and usually delete them sight-unseen but this showed up today and I actually think some of you ukers might find it interesting: a little company that makes cigar box ukulele kits--Papa's Boxes.

Here's a song, Dilly Dally, played on one of these cigar boxes. Kinda fun. (Darnit! I actually sold a great, old cigar box last year on e-bay that might have worked as a uke).

Friday, December 01, 2006

Gift ideas

Well, it's the season, and I've got a few talented friends that have cds available that would make great gifts. Firstly, I like supporting independant, less-known music. Secondly, these are really great musicians and it's always fun to discover good music that you can't hear on the same old top 40 count-downs.

Lance and Donna Blues:
This is a couple of friends of mine that are true troubadours. Several years ago they sold everything,left Nashville and started backpacking all over the world. They began performing on street corners, passing the hat, but soon got some notice and now tour endlessly, playing Blues festivals all over Europe. Lance (Harrison) is an undiscovered guitar giant; master of many styles (he was in an acid rock band when we met). The story goes that he started on a uke, so there's a tid-bit to keep this post slightly on topic. His wife Donna adds Earth-Mother soul with her rain stick.

Big Sofa and the Lazy Boys:
John Cheek and Quentin Ware are the force behind this full 19-piece band (13 horns, and rhythm section). Big band swing and jump blues. Some great originals and some of the classic standards. You just wouldn't expect this big band sound to be coming out of Nashville. (I did the jacket art, so I'm especially fond of this cd.)

Folk Uke:
This IS uke-related! These two ladies have pedigree; Amy Nelson and Cathy Guthrie combine a uke and a guitar with beautiful harmonies (and some witty, saucy lyrics--so note the Parental Warning). Fathers Arlo and Willie take some solos and background vocals. They also do a really pretty cover of Tonight You Belong To Me.