Thursday, September 21, 2006

My Dog Has Fleas!

Aloha! I'm new to the group (and the blog) so I thought I'd post a little info about my history with the uke.

I've been playing for six years or so. I probably should be better than I am for working at it that long, but I get by. Even in Nashville, I actually grew up with Hawaiian music--my family had lived there before I was born and through my entire childhood my mother and sister would play these "Hawaiian" albums and do the hula. (they would do it at our church talent shows--sheesh, how embarrassing!)

Although I couldn't bear the dancing, the songs really stayed with me. I'd still be humming "Little Brown Gal" and "Keep Your Eyes on the Hands" while driving to work. Finally in my late 30's, looking through an antique store I found an old Silvertone baritone uke. It just clicked. I had no idea how to play--much less tune it--but my brother in-law said, "it's easy, it's just 'My Dog Has Fleas'..." (which he sang incorrectly I found out later). That got me close enough to being something like in tune so I could start farting around with it, and I haven't stopped yet.

Hope to see more of you at future meetings. Til then, Mahalo! --Ted

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Little Grass Shack

Hey, we had a great time at the meeting on Monday night (Sept. 18) and I can't wait to play Little Grass Shack with everyone again. If you have a song that you would like everyone to learn then please bring it to the next meeting (with a few copies for everyone). If you would like to read about the Sept. 18th meeting just click HERE.
See you in October.