Saturday, August 05, 2006

Blog Changes

This blog has been altered a bit - it is now set up as a Team Blog so that we can all post on here and hopefully keep up with each other and what's happening in between uke meetings. Meeting Minutes and other NUkeS related info will be mainly on the new website - it is still under construction but for the most part is up and running.
That's me in the photo above - if you've not made it to a meeting yet, that's the mug you'll want to look for at the next one.
Keep your ukulele in your hand!!


dionis206 said...

Hey - this is Mary. Andy has been practicing a lot. He went to Chicago this weekend and said that while he was wearing his panama hat, hawaiian shirt and practicing on the back of the truck, someone saw fit to take his picture.

haptown said...

cool, you have to get a copy of that somehow and post it here on the blog. I would love to see that!